Friday, June 3, 2011

Nkhoma Institute of Technology Add new Courses

Nkhoma Institute of Technology has added new courses on top of what it is offering

Bingu donates Ten Million Kwacha to Nkhoma Synod

The head of state Prof Bingu Wamutharika has donated ten million kwach to the Nkhoma Synod. The President made a donation at Lilongwe golf club where he attended Nkhoma Synod golden sunday.

In his speech, the President urged all members to unite and love one another. The President assured all members that his Government will continue promoting unity in the country. The President also congratulated the Nkhoma Synod for its plan to establish the Nkhoma University.

Speaking before the president, Synod moderator Rev Vasco Kachipapa thanked the head of state for coming despite having many commitments, Kachipapa further thanked the President for his strong stand against gay marriages, he assured the president that Nkhoma Synod will continue support the government in preaching against same sex marriages.

Christians from all presbyteries gathered to support the central fund.